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One of my greatest joys is creating and adapting stories in any form. From producing short films and writing scripts, to directing full length plays and devising pieces with an ensemble, I find artistic homes in story telling where ever I can. I have a passion for structure and am happiest in the depths of curious creative moments. Included in this is my dedication to RPG's in my free time, creating worlds and stories with my friends over our homemade cacio y pepe is just as important to me to the ones I choose to share with the world. 

"If you are not curious, you are not living" - Melissa Smith


Creating work with an ensemble has been one of my greatest joys as a creator. When I was learning in Moscow, they had us create a piece every day as a group to 'surprise' our teachers with the following morning. This showed me the power and creativity that can come out of collective story telling, and the magic of the element of surprise

Recent Credits: 

Connective Tissue (Devised): Directed by Wesley Guimarães (pic)

Dead Seagull Bloody Seagull (Devised): Directed by Jason Beckman 

Cherry Orchard Piece (Devised): Directed by Ilja Bocharnikoves

The Departure (Devised): Directed by Gulshirin Dubash


education in creation

M.F.A. American Conservatory Theatre 

B.A. in Theatre and Visual Arts at Fordham University 

Theatre Making - Mark Jackson - American Conservatory Theatre

Creative Movement - Lisa Townsend - American Conservatory Theatre

Ètude Work - Sergei Zemstov and Ilja Bocharnikovs - Moscow Art Theatre 

Flying Solo - Daniel Alexander Jones - Fordham University 

Collaboration 1 - Matthew Maguire and Cassandra Freedman - Fordham University

Collaboration 2 - Daniel Alexander Jones and Chad McArver

Page to Stage - Elizabeth Margid 

Directing - Elizabeth Margid 

Solo Performance Writing - Ryan Haddad - Williamstown Theatre Festival


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