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Directing stimulates my love for working with actors and playwrights. I view myself as a hiking tour guide, letting everyone have their experience of the journey but allowing us to go on a clear path from the beginning to the end of it. 

Some Credits: 

Assistant Directing for Pam Mackinnon in A.C.T.'s production of Fefu and her Friends

"Ernest and the Pale Moon" by Oliver Lansley - American Conservatory Theater's M.F.A. 'Skyfest' 

"The Key" by James Kenna - New Work - Chain Theater Company 

 "Action" by Sam Shepard - Performed at Fordham University 

"Louisiana Garbage Kings" by Vivian Brown - New Work - Digital Developmental Festival

"I like Fantasy because I can Escape the Real World" by James Kenna - New Work - Workshop 

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