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foyle films


Cason Doyle and Gracie Fojtik are both multi-hyphen artists across multiple platforms, who have found their most recent creative home in filmmaking. The duo synthesized their strengths and created _Film.Roll_. A micro short production project, their films are shaped by fate. Cast Dungeons and Dragons dice to decide the Subject, Style, Shot# and ‘Sorcery’ of each film.


 The Films are released on social media, where their first 15 projects have earned almost 100K views across platforms. _Film.Roll_ is a laboratory – a space to practice, learn and play in the art of filmmaking.  Run entirely by volunteers, each film is produced with little to no budget, and is under 3 minutes. All of these works are housed under their production company Foyle Films. Their professionally scrappy films aim to foster community, challenge creativity and satisfy everyone with a sense of accomplishment through a finished product.

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