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My name is Gracie - I am a New York based storytelling artist. Who works as an actor, director producer and writer in both theater and film.


I grew up in a small ski town in the mountains of Utah, where I spent a lot of my young years thinking I was going to go to the Olympics for downhill skiing. The rose-colored goggles I was wearing then, did not account for my scrawny body or the fact that I actually hated wearing a thin layer of spandex and going around stationary objects as fast as I could in subzero temperatures. One day, my mom signed me up to audition for the local theatre’s play. I remember falling in love with the community before the art, I was a child suddenly in the company of adults - who treated me like one. I was around different thinkers and eccentric beings - I felt at home. And still do in those spaces.

I hope to forever have the privilege of making art, learning from those smarter/wiser/weirder around me and to bring creators I love together. I hope to be a good partner, friend, and teammate to those in my life. I hope to take care of a dog one day. I aim to create a community that is diverse in beings, queer in thinking and honest in transformation. I am drawn to innovative, at times silly, disruptive, curious, revealing, queer, feminist, surprising, bold art.

If you want to know how far I am in Zelda hit me up - and even though I stopped racing I'm still down to go skiing bruh. 

Local Hire: New York, Chicago, Bay Area, Los Angeles


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